Thursday, November 20, 2008

More Rallies

So had another good pair of hitting sessions with John and Aaron respectively. Had an especially good couple rallies with John. We're both getting better with our consistency and I'm actually coming to the net more and actually winning a point here and there. I just need to remember to keep the racquet in front of me. I notice I'm just sitting there at the net waiting to be passed most of the time. I need to work on close avenues but whatever, it felt really natural coming to the net at times and its not like I'm forcing it.

My forehands seems like I'm miss hitting a bit bc I'm noticing I'm not getting a clean sound from the hit. The backhand is also getting more reliable and not a liability.

Aaron's been out sick for a few weeks so it took him a bit to get his bearings. It was tough getting some good rallies going bc of the amount of net balls (hey I'm partially guilty too I guess). Still though, every hitting session is a good session in my book.

For some reason youtube is making all my vids look darker than they really are. Its kind of annoying.


Bruno said...

Hey Sai,
Like your idea of video-taping your own rallies... I'll have to try that. You should check out TennisMetro a social network for tennis players; might be a good way to connect with other local players.

Sai said...

Thanks Bruno for watching, just checked metro, 0 players in the So Fla area so far. Thanks for checking my vids and if you want me to critique yours, just pop me a message.