Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Racquet History - Prince More Response

Prince More Response

Sadly though, after giving up tennis in college, I lost my precision response. after about a 5-6 year absense I set out to look for a new racquet. Sticking to what I knew, I found the next iteration of the Response. What I got was the More Response. I honestly took a huge liking to this racquet. It was light, but not too light (11 oz). HL but not too HL (4 pts). It had a nice open string pattern and although it had a thin beam, it had a 70 stiffness rating. I have to say it was the best racquet for me coming back. Not exactly a players racquet, but light enough and easy enough to play to get my strokes back (and I was basically starting from scratch...).

I actually will go on to say I loved this frame and I went through many loops to secure and hunt down backups for it. Ultimately though the grommetless design worked against the racquet. My many off center shots (more specifically, on the serve, hitting close to the upper hoop) would cause the strings to press against the edge of the holes. Since I was stringing polys on the mains at 61 lbs, this led to frequent breaks (sometimes days apart).

Since I couldn't find more backups (at a fair price) I was forced to really ramp up my quest for my next racquet. I still have fond memories of this racquet, and credit it for being there for me while I got back into the game I love, but I'll be the 1st to say it... it's a tweener stick and big departure from the Precision Response tradition.

Weight - 11.1 oz
String Pattern - 16 x 20
Headsize - 100 sq in
Balance - 4 pts HL
Flex - 70


Sanjiv said...

Hi, I saw your post. Are you still looking for a Prince Precision Response? I had one for sale on Ebay and I plan on reposting it. It's an OS and 4 1/4 grip size. If you're interested you can e-mail me at sshah3@hotmail.com. If your not interested I'm sorry to waste your time.

Anonymous said...

Hi, if you are still looking for the Prince More Response, I have 2 of those, used though, but in perfect shape. Let me know if you are interested...



Anonymous said...

Oh, my email is littledwarf13@hotmail.com...