Friday, March 6, 2009

Hitting with Franco and more p90x...

I'm so sore. 2nd day soreness is usually the worst and the plyo i did on Tuesday is really flaring up. But since my upperbody soreness had gone away, I was ok to go.

Its really interesting not being able to use my power in tennis. My game revolves so much around racquet headspeed for pace and topspin, I was a bit offput to adjust. Luckily I was able to deal with most of Franco's spins (I think he was going easy on me) and not misshit too much. Actually aside from having no juice and therefore a weak backhand, I was pretty consistent (relative term). My legs though were shot. Every run, sprint or split step caused intense burning sensations on my qauds, hips and glutes. My right calf is still very tender and it made change of direction almost impossible. When I did try and focus though, I felt fluid and even ran down a ball or two; albeit, i gave up coming back the other way on the follow up.

I've decided to also post about my fitness instead of creating a 2nd blog. I'm not bothering to ask my readers their opinion b/c well... I don't exactly have a fanbase... haha.

Onto the workouts, the shoulder and arms routine was pretty easy. Easy being that it didn't involve murderous amounts of push ups and pull ups. I'm very very adept at lifting dumbells and I actually have extremely strong triceps (8 dips with 135 lbs hanging on my belt). I wish I would of done the yoga routine earlier. It was about an hour and a half of being completely uncomfortable and actually breaking a sweat!

I have no flexibility and hopefully this will change that. What it did do was alleviate about 50% of all the soreness. In fact post yoga, I was pretty pain free, with exception to my right calf. I've always been pretty down on yoga, but I guess it does have its place. Today is the back and legs which I heard is pretty hellacious, and instead of the kempo, I'll be running on saturday.

I hope for week 2 to be less sore, and see some athletic gains soon enough. But for right now I'll be happy with being less sore.

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